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Welcome to the website of the Warrior Quest Academy of Martial Arts  here in Northamptonshire. If you are looking for Real Martial Arts and Self Defence then you have come to the right place. With over thirty six years studying both traditional Japanese martial arts and self protection systems across the world we are leaders in enabling you to achieving your potential. What follows are eight reasons you should choose us for your martial arts journey.

1) Learn Traditional Martial Arts born on the battlefields of feudal medieval Japan and how those arts can be used in real street confrontations to defend yourself and your family.

2) Learn these arts in a fully equipped and matted traditional martial arts dojo. 


3) Gain your black belt in not one, but six seperate martial traditions which include methods of unarmed combat as well as various weapons such as sword, staff and knife defence.

4) Improve your fitness, stamina, and agility through methods of exercise used by both the Samurai and Ninja to achieve peak physical fitness.

5) Learn techniques and concepts to help you guide your mind and lower stress levels as passed down for generations as part of our spiritual traditions which originated from the Shugendo and Yamabushi Monks in the mountains of Japan.

6) The Academy prides itself on the very best in methods of education as used by major organisations across the UK. 

7) Become an instructor of these martial traditions and pass them on to the next generation.

8) Do something different and become part of a thousand year old Warrior legacy and become a Ninja Shadow Warrior.

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