The Dojo

Here at the Warrior Quest Academy we have a fully equipped martial arts dojo (training room). Classes are kept small with a maximum of ten to ensure that students get the best training focussing on their needs. Not only will you be taught by the founder of the organisation but you will be supported by his Uchi Deshi (Personal Student) Vanessa De Soussa (Right) who will be helping run the dojo on a daily basis or one of our four black belt teachers.

Below are pictures of our dojo.
van 2.PNG
dojo 3.jpg
The fully matted dojo ready for the first class to begin
dojo 4.jpg

The Kamiza (Shrine) and focus point of the

dojo showing the past grandmasters of the art


A japanese lamp in our meditation area


Perfect for when we have a break for Japanese Tea.

Dojo 1.jpg

Another wall of the dojo showing a Japanese battle flag (Sashimono) and other items.


A couple of swords in our dojo area

dojo 8.jpg

One of the walls of our tea area where students can relax after training

dojo 9.jpg
Doko 6.jpg

Another wall of the dojo showing some Japanese poems related to our art.

dojo 10.jpg

Finally another area of the dojo showing past masters of our art.

Another wall of the dojo showing the sanscrit words Ah and Um or beginning and end.