Frequently asked Questions:

How relevant is this martial art to todays world?
Ninjutsu is very relevant to todays world in that our entire training is about surviving against all that would destroy one. Unlike some martial arts that are about competition fighting and winning trophies, ninjutsu has always been based around surviving and escaping to safety when you are facing overwhelming odds. On the street there are no weight or sex classifications, no time to warm up and prepare, no limitation where your opponent is restricted in what they may do to you, As such we study methods where we can win and go home safely to our families.
So is studying this art about being stronger, faster and more skilled than your opponent?
Not really. Of course studying with us you will get fitter and stronger and more skillful, however if what we did was simply based on being stronger, faster or more skilled than another person out there then, well theres always going to be someone out there whose stronger, faster and more skilled than you. Whether that is another martial artist or just someone who wants to cause you harm. Ninjutsu has a unique set of skills by which we nullify attacks, slow down an attacker, play psychological games, use balance, timing and distancing and weakness in the attack to win. In this way even a child can overcome an attack by a powerful adult.
Is then Ninjutsu a better way of fighting?
I would say that you should forget about fighting. Fighting to me at least is when two or more people are trying to slug seven bells out of each other. Ninjutsu is self protection. A Ninja will never initiate a fight, but if you attack him or her then they will defend themselves. This in itself is not fighting. This is an important distinction. Remember in modern day society you are not allowed to fight some one, but you are allowed to protect yourself.
You say that the ninja were samurai, can you explain that a little more?
Ninjutsu is very much misunderstood and much of that is due to Hollywood movies. Traditionally the people we call 'Ninja' were some of the original inhabitants of Japan. Ninjutsu actually started out as a naturalistic method of seeing the world. Some might call this mysticism today but actually it was very rational. However as time went by Chinese Generals, Warriors from Tang Dynasty China escaped their war torn country and ended up in Iga, a mountainous region in Japan. Then samurai who were defeated in battle also ended up in Iga. in turn Iga itself was attacked and Ninjutsu was born out of the mixing of traditional folk belief, samurai battle tactics and Chinese martial arts. Over nearly a thousand years these guerilla families evolved into the most deadly of Japans warriors.
So do you wear the ninja mask and all that?
No, although we do wear a black suit but this is actually traditional. In truth the ninja wore similar clothes to other people in Japan. Again this is more to do with Hollywood than the truth.
How long will it take me to get to black belt?
Typically a person entering training will take about 3-5 years to get to Black Belt or Shodan, dependant of course how dedicated you are and how quickly you learn.
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