During a cross training session with a student of mine who is wearing 

15th century European Armour.

With students and instructors from the Kouryuu from across the country after a succesful black belt course

Explaining the finer points of the Japanese spear to a Viking Reenactment group

A couple of the members of the Northampton Dojo training at a seminar.

Students practicing some traditional seated position defences

Demonstrating to members of the British Army how to control someone on the ground.

With Nagato Sensei in Japan

With members of the Lancashire Regiment after a succesful training course.

Outside the Hombu (Headquarters Dojo) in Japan

The mountains of Togakure, birthplace of the ninja and our tradition of martial arts. I only got so far up these mountains before things started to get a little treacherous.

These last two pictures show the Ninja Village of Togakure, now a museum. The houses contain secret rooms, passages and trap doors for Ninja to escape if attacked.