During a cross training session with a student of mine who is wearing 

15th century European Armour.

With students and instructors from the Kouryuu from across the country after a succesful black belt course

Explaining the finer points of the Japanese spear to a Viking Reenactment group

A couple of the members of the Northampton Dojo training at a seminar.

Students practicing some traditional seated position defences

Demonstrating to members of the British Army how to control someone on the ground.

With members of the Lancashire Regiment after a succesful training course.

Outside the Hombu (Headquarters Dojo) in Japan

With Nagato Sensei in Japan

The mountains of Togakure, birthplace of the ninja and our tradition of martial arts. I only got so far up these mountains before things started to get a little treacherous.

These last two pictures show the Ninja Village of Togakure, now a museum. The houses contain secret rooms, passages and trap doors for Ninja to escape if attacked.