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Martial Arts Northampton

Placing an arm bar on a student

Ninjutsu Northampton

On a training course in Cambridge

Martial Arts Ninja Northampton

Northampton Training Group

Gary Arthur is the head instructor and founder of the Warrior Quest Academy. Gary started training in martial arts whilst at school and studied such arts as Shotokan Karate, Lau Gar Kung Fu and western style boxing. In the early 1980s he heard of a little known martial art called Ninjutsu or the art of the ninja. With a curious interest in this mysterious martial art, at the age of twenty one he attended his first three day seminar taught by a black belt in the art from the United States. This led him the following year to attend a seminar over a five day period with Stephen K Hayes the father of Ninjutsu in the western world. After attending  a few more seminars he set up one of the first Ninjutsu training groups in the United Kingdom. Over the years Gary has traveled all over the UK, Europe, the United States and Japan to continue to attend seminars and classes given by both western and Japanese masters in the art as well as having various teachers visit the training groups run by Gary.  After thirty five years Gary achieved eight black belts from four seperate organisations that teach the methods of the art of Ninjutsu..

A graduate from Leicester University with a degree in Archaeology, Gary has worked as a police officer, security manager and Close Protection Officer. Today he is self employed and delivers training courses in areas such as security, CCTV, police skills, traffic management, physical intervention, conflict resolution management and control and restraint. He has delivered courses for government organisations such as the NHS, The British Army and Transport for London, Sports clubs and associations such as premier league football clubs, Rugby clubs and Racing organisations, Colleges and security companies.

After thirty six years of training with some of the best martial arts instructors from across the world Gary is now passing on to a few dedicated individuals the arts of the Samurai and Ninja.

Gary Holds the following qualifications:

4th Degree black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

2nd Degree black belt in Shinobi Kai Ninpo

1st Degree black belt in To-Shin Do

1st Degree black belt (Honorary) in Genbukan Ninpo Bugei

City and Guilds trainer award in Physical Intervention in security

City and Guilds trainer award in Physical Intervention in psychiatric care

City and Guilds trainer award in Conflict Resolution Management

Qualified Traffic Management Operative and Trainer

Qualified Assessor

Trained in Home Office Approved Control and Restraint.

Awarded a police commendation for the arrest of a violent criminal

Level 3 Award in Adult Education

First Aid Qualified

Bujinkan Ninjutsu

In Japan at the Hombu Dojo

Martial Arts Northampton

After a successful course training the British Army

Ninja northampton

Outside a shrine on Togakure Mountain in Japan. The birthplace of Ninjutsu

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