Placing an arm bar on a student

On a training course in Cambridge

Northampton Training Group

Many years ago when I first started out on my quest to learn martial arts I knew that I had to find an instructor that epitimised the very essence of what it means to be a master. Thankfully over many years I was lucky enough to not only find one but a few teachers who have met that criteria. I have tried to follow in their footsteps but I was also very aware that to be taken seriously as an instructor I needed to fulfill three major criteria. These three criteria were experience in the art, The skill level necesary to be able to use it in real life and the ability to pass it on. I hope that I have achieved all these criteria as you can judge below.

Experience: I have trained in the arts of Ninjutsu for over 35 years from its very beginnings here in the UK in the early 1980s. During that time I have trained in Europe, America and Japan with a wealth of instructors both westerners and Japanese.

Skills: During those 35 years I was lucky enough to gain two shodans (1st degree black belts) a nidan (2nd degree black belt) and a yondan (4th degree black belt) in the arts of Ninjutsu. I also became qualified as an instructor in Physical Intervention and Conflict Resolution Management and have worked in the fields of Law Enforcement (Police officer), Security and Close Protection (Body Guarding).  I was also awarded a Police Commendation for using my martial arts in the capture and restraint of a criminal.

Teaching: I am a qualified in PTTLs as a teacher of further edication and have taught in schools, colleges, and for the county Council for over ten years. I have taught security and related skills to organisations such as the British Army, Transport for London, A number of major international sports clubs, and for the second year running I have been invited down to London to teach knife defence in relation to the knife crime in the city.

Not only that but all my students are fully insured and all their grades are registered in Japan at the headquarters dojo.

Today I am passing on my knowledge to a select few who have the stamina, will power and drive to learn this ancient martial art and how to apply it in todays world. This is a great opportunity for the right people and there has never been a better time to join us.


If you think you have what it takes to master and maybe one day pass on this art to others please contact us.

In Japan at the Hombu Dojo

After a successful course training the British Army

Outside a shrine on Togakure Mountain in Japan. The birthplace of Ninjutsu