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Action Meditation
The Japanese Diamond and Lotus Tradition

Buddhism Northampton
Kuji Northampton
Born in the mountains of the Himalayas and transported to Japan in the 8th century and incorporated into the teachings of Tendai and Shingon Buddhism, and to the Yamabushi (Warrior Monks) these teachings form the back bone our mind science training incorporating such teachings as:

Meso: Meditation for calming and centering the mind
Kuji Kiri: Energy Channeling to make your intentions your reality
Ten Chi Jin: Methods of balancing the body, mind and spirit
Go Dai: Five element theory of motion and emotion.
Shinpi: Concepts of Mysticism
Meditation Northampton

After a succesful workshop in Shugendo taught by a Yamabushi Monk from Japan.

Meditation Northampton
Spirituality Northampton

After a sucecsful workshop in Tendai Buddhism taught by an ordained Buddhist Monk. 

Through this training you will learn to
  • reduce stress,  and deal with life's problems in a calm manner
  • Follow and investigate thought processes and patterns for  better decision making
  • Explore emotional biases that hinder healthy living
  • Identify visualised forces and desired outcomes
  • Use your intention to bring about positive changes in your life.
Our sessions run every Friday night at our Hombu Dojo in Fish Street Northampton

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